Our Impact

Every dollar donated to Habitat for Humanity of Delaware County (HFHDC) goes directly to the organization’s mission and programs. Our programs have a positive impact on families and communities throughout Delaware County, PA.

Homeownership has many proven benefits, in addition to the improvement in housing adequacy, safety and affordability. For example, homeownership improves children’s health. (Harkness and Newman). Compared to families who rent, homeowners raise children who are 116% more likely to graduate from college. (Homeownership Alliance of Nonprofit Downpayment Providers). Homeowners’ children are 59% more likely to own their own home as adults. (Homeownership Alliance of Nonprofit Downpayment Providers).

Homeowners tend to stay in their neighborhood longer, promoting stability. Whereas renters move every 2.1 years on average, homeowners remain in their homes for an average of 8.2 years. (Rohe, Van Zandt, and McCarthy). Homeownership reduces the cost of welfare and other social services programs for taxpayers. (Harkness and Newman). Moreover, homeownership typically costs less than government-subsidized housing. (Millennial Housing Commission Task Forces, Habitat for Humanity International.)

HFHDC provides family services after a family is selected to become a Partner Family. These services range from financial education to general home maintenance skills. By providing these services, we help the family to succeed and break the cycle of poverty.

Through our Home Repairs program, we help low-income families to stay in their homes, keep their homes safe, maintain stability for their children or grandchildren, and make their homes more energy-efficient.